This souvenirs can be ordered from us. This handcrafts are produced by ourselves! The income will be funded 100% to this

charitable youth project.

King-Button 2,5 cm with pin 0,30 €                    
T-Shirt front - King-face big one back -  sign  S - XXL 8,00 €
T-Shirt front - King-face mini back -  sign S - XXL 6,00 €
T-Shirt großer Kopf T-Shirt kleiner Kopf T-Shirt Rücken T-Shirt Rücken Button 2,5 cm mit Nadel
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Martin Luther King, Jr.. Tour Guide incl. infos and city map de/eng 12 pages for donation
Martin Luther King, Jr. Info Guide incl. city map, traffic infos, city game 40 pages 1,00 € (scale price 10 pices)
Der King Code DVD ca. 50 min. de/eng/deaf materials for students Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur (publications) Medieninstitut der Länder (FWU)
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