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50 years after - 1968-2018 - the dream still alive 

29/04/2018 The   new   King-Code   movie   online.   We   war   so   happy.   Thank   you   so   much   by   Libellefilm (Berlin). This new movie give you facts around King-Code project since 2013.   21/04/2018 The   King-Code   Exhibition   is   in   the   Immanuelskirche   Bochum   now.   At   the   opening   the former   forain   minister   of   GDR   Markus   Meckel   was   a   guest.   He   talks   with   pastor   Christian Rommert about King and the relevance of his message or dream totay. 15/04/2018 „We   shall   overcome!“   this   was   the   main   gospel   at   the   service   of   memory   to   Martin   Luther King   jr.   in   the   Baptisten   Church   in   Berlin-Steglitz.   The   International   Baptist   Church   Berlin   an the   regional   association   of   Baptist   churches   in   Berlin-Brandenburg   celebartre   this   church service with 200 people. 11/04/2018 Ready to shipping! The King-Exhibition to to Bochum. The Opening will be on 21/04/2018. 27/03/2018 The   exhibition   is   set   up   in   the   Marienkirche   on   Alexanderplatz.   From   tomorrow   you   can visit   them   in   the   side   chapel.   The   Evangelical   Church   will   organize   the   exhibition   with discussion events and services on the 50th anniversary of the death of M.L.King. 22/03/2018 In   recent   days,   the   exhibition   was   in   the   Baptist   church   in   Berlin-Weissensee.   As   the   entries and   reports   of   the   employees   show,   the   exhibition   was   very   well   received.   More   than   120 pupils   from   schools   had   fun,   especially   with   the   actionbound   and   the   creative   stations   for the   "I   have   a   dream"   speech.   Tonight   there   was   a   reading   to   the   life   Kings   with   musical accompaniment of Joyful Singers Berlin. 13/03/2018 Attention   shooting!   Today   we   had   some   interviews   for   the   new   King-Code-Movie.   Some   of the   first   students,   which   started   with   us   in   2013,   visit   the   current   staff   of   King-Code.   Heute standen   die   Interviews   zum   Imagefilm   unseres   Projektes   an!   Ehemalige   Schüler*innen waren    gekommen    und    lernten    neue    Schüler*innen    kennen.    A    great    exchange    of experience   and   impressive   movies   statements.   We   are   already   looking   forward   to   the result. Part of the film forms i.a. the animated film from the workshop in January 2018. 09/02/2018 The   King-Exhibition   was   remove   in   protestant   church   in   Gropiusstadt   abgebaut.   We   ar   so exiting that the exhibition had a huge interest an encouragement. 26/01/2018 WOW!   Now,   we   have   our   own   Animationfilm.   At   the   last   two   days   we   created   a   cartoon about   our   project.   An   professional   director/   artist   instructed   us   by   stop-motion-movie.      So we was drawing, painting, cutting an sticking the shapes for animation.  16/01/2018 Attention   shooting!   We   have   made   a   King-Tour   with   students.   During   this   tour   a   Team   of Moviemarker   was   shooting   some   situations   when   we   explained   the   studets   the   points   und story   were   MLKing   was   in   Berlin   in   1964.   It   was   verry   exiting,   because   we   talked   about discrimination and racism in school and daily rutine too. 15/01/2018 Thank    you    for    beeing    at    „MLKing-Day“!    Over    150    people    sung    the    spiritual    „We    shall overcome“   in   front   of   the   Brandenburger   Tor   in   Berlin.      At   18:01   pm   we   light   up   our candles   in   memory   of   the   assassination   of   Dr.   King   in   1968.   It   was   an   verry   emotional moment. Facebook   09/ 01/2018 Newsletter No. 18 is online! (in german only)  (pdf-Download) 01/01/2018 Happy   Birthday!   The   King-Code   porject   will   be   5   years   old!   Celebrate   this   anniversary   with us!
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