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53 Jahre M.L.King in Berlin 

12/09/2017 NOW!   VOTE   FOR   US!   The   ONLINE-VOTING    for   the   German   Involvment   Award   2017   has begun!   You   can   vote   for   our   project   until   20/10/2017!   Pleas   help   us   and   tell   your   friends, family or colleges about us! The Award is endowed with 10.000 €.   30/08/2017 We are  nominated for the Zukunftspreis der Cornelsen Stiftung 2017 ! 20/08/2017 Dick   Gregory   is   dead.   He   was   an   great   comedian   and   voice   for   the   american   civil   rights movement.   He   was   deeply   touched   about   our   „King-Code   Exhibition“   in   Birmingham   in 2014 (SCLC convention). R.I.P. 12/07/2017 Our Newsletter No. 17 is published! Download 29/06/2017 GEART!   We   had   applied   us   for   the   ZUKUNFTSPREIS   der   Cornelsen   Stiftung   Lehren   und Lernen 23/06/2017 King-Tour!   At   fist   time   in   ENGLISH!   Premiere!   We’re   started   with   32   young   students   for   the King-Tour   in   the   Bernauer   Straße.   We   split   the   huge   class   in   three   smal   groups.   Every   group had tow guiedes who expained the historical facts an stories of Martin Luther King.  22/06/2017 We   are   nominated   for   the   DEUTSCHEN   ENGAGEMENTPREIS   2017!   It   is   so   amazing   -   a really big suprise!  The nomination will be in July in Berlin!  19/06/2017 Heute    durften    wir    innerhalb    der    Themenwoche    “Bildung”    des    Reformationsjubiläums unser   Projekt   auf   der   Bühne   und   in   einem   Workshop   vorstellen.   Morgens   ging   es   mit   dem ICE   nach   Wittenberg,   wo   wir   sogar   vom   Bahnhof   mit   einem   VW-Bus   abgeholt   wurden. Leider     kamen     zu     den     Veranstaltungen     nur     sehr     wenig     Leute.     Aber     die     wenigen Anwesenden   zeigten   sich   von   unserer   Arbeit   sehr   beeindruckt,   vor   allem   wenn   man   weiß, dass all dies ehrenamtlich geschieht!  05/25/2017 "You   see   me!"   -   On   the   fist   evening   at   the   Evangelical   Church   Day   in   Berlin,   we   were   able   to tell   a   lot   of   visitors   about   our   project   verry   close   at   the   Holocaust   memorial.   What   a   great atmosphere!   Our   fresh   crepes   were   a   hit   too!   A   long   line   quickly   formed.   We   used   the waitingtime   to   get   to   know   each   other   or   to   learn   more   about   Martin   Luther   King   in   Berlin. Until   Saturday,   we   presented   King-Code   on   the   “market   of   the   possibilities”   in   Hall   2.2   /   G18 at the Messe Berlin. pictures 05/22/2017 We   are   ready   for   German   Protestant   Kirchentag   in   Berlin   &   Wittenberg!   On   Wednesday evening   we   will   be   represented   with   a   pavillon   at   the   evening   of   encounters .   We   will   sell crepes,   introduce   our   project,   and   have   designed   t-shirts   and   bags.   During   the   wohle   time of   German   Protestant   Kirchentag   we   will   promote   our   project   of   the   Messe   Berlin   (fair). You will find us in he Hall 2.2/ G18! 04/08/2017 The   house   of   Rosa   Parks   in   Berlin?   In   fact,   the   US-artist   Ryan   Mendoza   saved   the   house   of the   African   civil   rightswoman   for   $   500   before   demolition   and   rebuilt   in   the   Wrizener Straße   19   in   Berlin   Wedding.   A   small   wooden   building   full   of   history   for   the   human   rights and   citizenship   movement   worldwide!   On   the   8th   and   9th   of   April   the   house   can   be   visited. Must see! (article in the Guardian) 03/21/2017 International   Day   against   Racism!    The   incidents   of   racist   violence   are   increasing   all   the time   -   a   day   is   important,   but   not   enough!   Racism   begins   in   our   heads   and   concern   to   all   of us.   We   live   together   in   one   world.   Everyone   is   in   demand   -   everyone   is   responsible!   These two   quotations   from   Martin   Luther   King,   Jr   remind   us!   "Whoever   accepts   evil   without contradiction   actually   works   with   him!"      and   “In   the   end,   we   will   remember   not   the   words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” events & materials 03/13/2017 Tonight   the   documentary   about   Irmela   Mensah-Schramm    will   be   running   on   TV   channel RTL.    In    January    we    had    a    impressiv    and    creative    workshop    with    Irmela.    Some    of    the students   of   the   King-Code   project   of   the   Rosa-Luxemburg-Gymnasium   are   included   of   the 30-minute documentation.  03/12/2017 Great   show!   After   five   days   of   ITB   fair   in   Berlin,   we   can   say,   that   the   presentation   was   a complete   success.   At   the   INTERNATIONAL   DELPHIC   COUNCIL    booth,   we   had   numerous discussions    with    guests    from    Germany    and    abroad.    We    also    made    some    important contacts   with   class   companies!   On   the   last   day,   King-Code   was   part   of   the   final   ITB   show and   was   repeatedly   honored   as   an   excellent   bridge   building   project   across   political   and social   boundaries.   We   had   the   exhibition   in   the   foyer   at   the   Palais   am   Funkturm,   which   was also seen by the more than 700 visitors * of the show. ( pictures   03/05/2017 Just you can use our interactive guide for the King-Tours! We designed a creative trail to the historical points in Berlin. The application “Actionbound” ist for free. The King-Code Actionbound include some links to historical audio-tapes and movies. Let’s go!  02/13/2017 We   had   a   very   motivating   talk   with   the   office   manager   of   the   INTERNATIONAL   DELPHIC COUNCIL .   There   we   got   the   opportunity   to   represent   King   Code   and   the   exhibition   at   the stall   of   the   international   delphic   council   at   the   ITB   in   Berlin ,   but   this   shall   only   be   the   start of a longer cooperation. 02/13/2017 As   of   today   we   are   showing   the   King-exhibition   in   the   Schadow-Gymnasium.   There   the students   could   test   our   Actionbound    for   this   exhibition.      Everything   went   well   at   the construction on Friday. 02/10/2017 We   are   there!   Today   we   have   been   informed   that   on   the   evening   of   the   meeting   of   the evangelic   churchday   we   will   have   our   own   stall.   We   will   not   only   present   our   project,   but also sell small culinary specialities. The income will 100% be used for the project. 02/07/2017 Now    we    have    released    our    first    Bound.    On    Monday    the    students    of    the    Schadow- Gymnasium    can    test    the    Bound.    The    game    has    two    components,    creative    tasks    and knowledge    tasks.    The    students    can    compete    against    each    other    in    teams    and    collect points.   Just   download   the   free   Actionbound-App   and   scan   the   QR-Code   of   the   exhibition. Let’s go! 02/01/2017 Yesterday   the   report   about   Irmela   Mensah-Schramm   has   been   broadcasted   in   the   arte- Journal,   in   which   we   are   present.   Sadly   we   can   only   be   seen   shortly   at   the   end   and   our statements   also   haven’t   been   used.   If   you   would   like   to   watch   the   report,   you   can   do   so   at the following link: ”Putzen und Sprayen gegen den Hass” . 01/30/2017 Now   we   will   go   multimedial!   We   have   an   account   on   Actionbound!   Through   this   platform and   the   app   we   will   create   “Bounds”   (games)   for   our   tours   and   exhibitions   in   the   coming weeks   and   months.   Through   the   app   you   can   choose   a   Bound   and   answer   the   questions about   the   King   exhibition   or   the   King   tours   alone   or   in   a   team.   More   information   will follow. 01/18/2017 This     evening     the     Jugendforum     “denk!     mal”      was     happening     in     the     house     of representatives   in   Berlin.   In   the   full   plenary   hall   -   we   sat   on   a   grandstand   –   ran   a   varied program   from   6pm   which   was   created   by   students   of   different   schools.   Everything   was assembled   from   theatre   scenes,   acrobatic   tricks,   discussions   and   a   movie   to   swing   inserts. As   varied   as   the   contributions   were,   the   possibilities   to   remember   were   also   manifold. After   the   event   in   the   plenary   there   was   a   small   amount   to   eat   and   the   politicians   and guests   had   the   chance   to   visit   the   many   stalls.   We   also   held   some   talks   at   our   stall.   Among other   things,   we   were   informed   that   a   lecturer   at   the   Humboldt   University   would   like   to present   our   project   as   a   successful   example   of   a   history   mediation   in   a   seminar.   One   of her students was very happy to meet us in the house of representatives. 01/17/2017 On   our   working   meeting   we   decided   to   translate   our   site   into   English.   Now   the   texts   will   be distributed and the translating will start! We hope to reach a bigger demographic. 01/16/2017 On   the   Martin   Luther   King   Day   a   memorial   ceremony   took   place,   which   we   supported through   our   exhibition,   a   movie   and   a   small   buffet.   A   total   of   100   pieces   of   bread   were served    in    the    school    for    the    guests.    Since    we    had    lessons    we    could    not    be    present personally.   The   bread   rolls   were   brought   to   the   Sophienkirche   by   our   teacher   and   two selected students. 01/15/2017 Happy   birthday   Martin   Luther   King.   Jr.!   Just   in   time   for   the   honorary   and   one   day   before Martin Luther King Day, our new newsletter has been published. This morning a radio article was broadcasted by Deutschlandfunk. 01/15/2017 This   was   an   exciting   day!   Today   we   had   Irmela   Mensah-Schramm,   who   reported   on   her dedication   and   made   an   impressive   workshop   with   us.   In   addition   we   got   copies   of   graffiti that   she   had   collected   over   time.   We   were   then   able   to   remodel   these   with   colour   pencils, to   eradicate   the   message   of   hatred.   There   are   some   really   great   ones,   which   can   be   seen   in the   galary.   Of   course   we   also   talked   about   the   current   court   process   and   how   the   court and    we    would    deicde.    The    workshop    was    accompanied    by    two    film    teams,    who    also interviewed   us.   At   the   end   of   January   2017   the   report   will   be   broadcast   in   the   arte-Journal. In   the   evening   we   went   to   the   construction   of   our   stall   in   the   Berlin   parliament.   This   year we    are    really    well    represented    and    can’t    be    overlooked.    A    group    of    students    already interviewed   our   project   manager   Mr.   Schmöcker.   It   was   also   unknown   to   the   students   of another   school   that   King   jr.   had   visited   Berlin.   On   Monday   the   exhibition   denk!   mal   2017   Jugendforum Berlin will start. Please note, our english version has only selected News from 2017! The whole Informations since 2013 you will find only in the german Website.       
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