dicover the city of Berlin

Go   with   us   on   discovery   trip   through   Berlin   -   to   the   places   that   visited   Martin   Luther   King jr.   We   offer   different   guided   tours   on   foot   or   by   bike.   You   will   be   led   by   the   youth   of   the King   Code   project.   We   prensent   to   you   exclusive   search   results   and   stories   about   visiting Kings in Berlin.

King-Tour I (City-Walk)

             ca. 2,5 h              from Albrechtshof to Bernauer Straße              ca. 4 spots/ AB-Ticket necessary

King-Tour II (City-Walk)

             ca. 4 h              from Alexanderplatz to Tempelhof              ca. 5 spots/ AB-Ticket necessary

King-Tour III (Bike Tour)

   ca. 3 h / 7,5 km   from Philharmonie to Albrechtshof   ca. 6 spots
Tempelhof Airport
Rathaus Schöneberg
Philharmonic Hall
Potsdamer Platz
Bernauer Straße
Checkpoint Charlie
St. Mary’s Church
Guesthouse of the Senate
Hotel Albrechtshof
If you interessted in one of our King Tours, please contact us. E-Mail: +49 30 78 70 25 15 Please note, that guided tours are not always available by students.

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“The bike ride was varied and very interesting. There were lots of new info. I highly  recommend the tour!” (october 2014) “Our tour was great fun. Interesting were especially the details and the documents,   the young people at the stations have shown.” (october 2014) “Very interesting! Unique in Berlin! I did not know that King was in Berlin.” (july 2016)


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