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Welcome   to   our   website   on   the   occasion   of   the   visit   of   Dr.   Martin   Luther   King   jr   in September   1964   in   Berlin.   We,   the   pupils   of   the   Ernst   Reuter   secondary   school   and   the Rosa-Luxemburg-Gymnasium,   have   been   looking   for   a   trace   since   June   2013   and   would like to present our results here. We   invite   you   to   visit   the   historical   sites   in   Berlin   where   Martin   Luther   King   jr.   On   the "King-Tour"   we   have   stored   QR-Codes   for   you,   which   you   can   scan   and   access   further information. We also offer guided kings on foot or by bike. Our    project    is    charitable    and    aims    to    bring    together    young    people    of    different backgrounds    and    different    schools,    reduce    prejudices    and    encourage    them    to    work together to promote the city and society in order to live the dream of King!
Support from the Federal President Federal    President    Joachim    Gauck,    describes    the    project    "King- Code"   in   his   letter   to   the   young   people,   as   an   example   of   a   good initiative   that   helps   children   and   young   people   communicate   the great   impact   and   importance   of   human   rights   in   an   intuitive   and lasting   way.   He   wishes   the   project   "King-Code"   good   success   and many     committed     participants.     In     September     2014,     we     met Joachim Gauck.


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Peter Kloeppel RTL-TV chief editor/ journalist
Dr. Wolfgang Thierse ret. President of German Bundestag
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21-29/04/2018 Exhibition Immanuelskirche Bochum Hermannshöhe 21 21/05/2018 18.00 Uhr „I have a dream“ Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche Berlin 16/06/-22/07/2018 Exhibition Haus der Kurseelsorge Bad Krotzingen 06/08/-07/09/2018 Exhibition City-Hall Berlin-Lichtenberg with art contest  
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