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The   travelling   exhibition   “Martin   Luther   King   jr.   @   Berlin   1964-2014”   isn’t   only   about   the person    Dr.    Kings,    but    primarily    about    persons    who    are    inspired    by    him    and    who supported   for   example   the   peaceful   revolution   1989   in   East   Germany   (GDR).   Also   the exhibition   gives   the   visitor   an   insight   about   how   the   GDR   dealt   with   discrimination   and racism.   The   students   looked   at   Martin   Luther   King   jr.   in   different   ways   and   from   various perspectives.    They    are    presenting    their    results    in    the    exhibition    in    schools    and municipalities in Berlin and Brandenburg. The   exhibition   can   be   expanded   in   a   creative   way   by   local   exhibitors.   Apart   from   this   it’s possible   to   invite   contemporary   witnesses   or   to   see   the   TV   documentary   by   A.   Kuno Richter “Der King Code”. Starting   in   February   2017   there   is   an   exhibition   game   (Actionbound)   for   teenagers   and adults.   The   visitors   can   answer   questions   and   solve   problems   in   order   to   collect   points. You    can    download    the    Actionbound-App    for    free    in    the    Google    Playstore    and Applestore. Have fun! Schools   or   Universitys   in   Germany   can   borrow   the   hiking   exhibition   for   up   to   four weeks.


21-29/04/2018 Exhibition Immanuelskirche Bochum Hermannshöhe 21 16/06/-22/07/2018 Exhibition Haus der Kurseelsorge Bad Krotzingen 06/08/-07/09/2018 Exhibition Rathaus Berlin-Lichtenberg
German Federal President Joachim Gauck Bishop of Protestant Church Markus Dröge
SCLC Presient Dr. Charles Steele US Ambassaror in Germany  John Emerson
former state secretary Markus Meckel US Ambassaror in Germany  John Emerson

Press & Vistors

“The   exhibition   is   really   impressive.   Especially   the   high   quality   of   the   texts   and   paintings or rather drawings – a great result!" .”                                                                              Dr. Grünbaum/ Foundation Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur “The   impressive   work   of   the   teenagers   was   even   priced   and   used   by   the   TV   channel   RTL in a documentary.” ”                                                                                                                                N.L. / Berliner Abendblatt “Thank you for this great exhibition. I’ve learned a lot and we’ve got many things to do.” student of John-Lennon-Gymnasiums/ guestbook  
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Karolin Theis (King-Code) with the former governing mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit
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